Sunday, October 7, 2007

What should we name the campaign?

One important discussion that we need to have is about the name of the campaign. From my notes, here's what was suggested at the meeting: "movement for a democratic/real/public university", "keep/make U of M public," "campaign for...", something with "awareness," student council/government, something with "community," "university community awareness council", something with "citizens," "the gopher underground." Also, a couple pieces of advice were suggested: (we're talking about branding here) - and (encompassing not just students but a broader base). What does everybody think about these names? We're going to have a meeting to write up a mission statement soon, so maybe we'll come up with the name there - but any input before and after then will be helpful.

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my two cents: we're not here to provide "information." information is not the problem! we here to fight for a public university!